The New Dodge Charger Ensures Your Safety

The Dodge Charger remains one of the most favored muscle cars on the market. The newest sedans come equipped with a number of upgraded features that keep occupants that much safer. See all that the Charger has to offer. See them in our Bowling Green, OH Al Smith Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM inventory. Enjoy a thrilling test drive.

If on the road in your Charger when the sun goes down, and the road does not have efficient light, the headlights come on automatically to ensure optimal visibility. Should a vehicle approach the Charger's blind spot, sensors send audible and visual alerts to the driver to prevent a possible motor vehicle collision.

Warning systems also alert drivers in the front and rear of the vehicle thanks to strategically positioned sensors. Obstacles in the front initiate and alert and trigger the braking system. If backing out of a parking spot, the system goes into action again to prevent a potential accident.

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